Heavy Haulage services for the mining industry

Heavy Haulage

From major infrastructure projects to generalised transport of over-dimensional freight, we offer heavy haulage solutions designed to transport oversized structures and equipment around the corner or around the world.

We provide multimodal heavy haulage services for a range of over-dimensional structures, vessels and machinery for customers within the infrastructure, mining, construction and renewable energy sectors.

Our vast network enables us to connect our customers across the globe with their suppliers and end consumers, from local heavy lift transport to long distance moves.

No matter how challenging the geography or how complex the lift, we work with our customers in the planning of each project to help ensure timely and effective completion.


Heavy haulage services

Where specialised handling is required to move your heavy oversized freight, we have the capability to ensure the entire operation is taken care of, including the use of escort vehicles and vessels.

Our core services include:

  • heavy and abnormal lifts and load movements
  • mobilisation and demobilisation of cranes
  • provision of project managers available to work on site
  • route surveys and site inspections
  • container deliveries
  • accredited pilot services
  • transport engineering
  • disassembly and reassembly of equipment when required
  • transport for complete pieces of equipment (no disassembly required) for certain kinds of heavy equipment and machinery
  • advice on the best and most cost-effective way to disassemble, transport and reassemble heavy equipment
  • services to, from and within metropolitan and remote areas


Over dimensional freight types we move

We provide complete services for large-scale, heavy-lift projects for a range of freight types, including:

  • construction equipment
  • mining equipment
  • agricultural equipment
  • transformers and switchboards
  • pallets and containers
  • bulldozers
  • compactors
  • containers
  • cranes
  • drilling rigs
  • excavators
  • generators
  • portable buildings
  • bulk fuel tanks
  • oversized fabricated steel structures
  • oversized vessels


Size of over dimensional freight we move

Our range of specialised equipment allows us to transport freight weighing from 1 tonne up to 100 tonne.

We can move freight of almost any size, configuration and type – contact us if you have different requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.


Our equipment

Having a diversified fleet allows us to supply our customers with a choice of equipment that best suits their transport needs. Our range of custom-built equipment includes:

  • low loaders (quad-axle, deck widening, extendable up to 26 metres)
  • extendable blade and platform trailers (up to 45 metre deck, up to 50 tonne capacity)
  • spreader bars
  • 150 tonne-rated prime movers
  • steerable jinkers (up to 75 tonne capacity)
  • drop deck, flat top and tank trailers (up to 18 metre deck)
  • fleet of pilot vehicles

All of our equipment holds appropriate engineering certificates, and is maintained in accordance with relevant state and country requirements.



We assist our customers to obtain required permission from regulatory authorities; ensuring conditions for transporting your over dimensional freight are safe and appropriate.

Our dedicated in-house transport planners regularly arrange approvals and permits to tow all kinds of heavy oversized equipment, working with local authorities to ensure compliance with the region’s regulations.

If the transport of your over dimensional freight requires temporary road closures or the use of multiple lanes, a police escort may be required. Our project management teams will work with you to determine any requirements prior to beginning your project to ensure appropriate arrangements are made.

Why choose Toll for your heavy haulage services?

Our experience managing the transport of over dimensional freight is backed by the ability of the wider Toll Group, which enables us to deliver integrated heavy haulage solutions.

  • As industry leaders in safety and compliance, we are committed to maintaining a strong safety record for both people and equipment.
  • We have the specialised equipment and diverse transport modes to handle a range of project requirements.
  • We combine a strong commercial approach with flexible service provisions.
  • Wherever possible we arrange the loading, transport and unloading of freight for our customers – providing you with the convenience of a single point of contact.
  • We provide core teams of people with heavy haulage experience in a number of key industry sectors.
  • The breadth of our multimodal transport capability is supported by our strong supply chain experience.

We are always ready to assist our customers with over dimensional loads and pilot car service requirements, plus any additional services that may be required:

  • warehousing
  • repairs and maintenance
  • flexible collection and delivery times
  • import and export services
  • customs brokerage and clearance
  • quarantine management
  • parts (warehousing, hot shot deliveries)
  • complementary multimodal transport services including air, rail, road and sea

We also offer project consultancy – moving over dimensional freight requires effective planning and organisation, let our team work with you to consider the logistics options available to you and determine the best solution.

Contact us

Contact us for more information about our heavy haulage capabilities, or to discuss how we can support your business.

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